Sareh Nabi

I am a postdoctoral scholar in the sponsored ads team at Amazon, working under Dr. Lihong Li’s supervision. I joined the Amazon Advertising group as part of the early career scientist program launched in the spring of 2021; more info here. My current research at Amazon focuses on Reinforcement Learning (RL) applications in advertising.

Previously, I worked at Microsoft for a few years as an Applied Research Scientist focused on integrating machine learning solutions with Dynamics 365 business products. I received my Ph.D. in Information System and Operations Management from the University of Washington in 2018 under Prof. Hamed Mamani’s supervision. My Ph.D. research focused on the applications of contextual bandits in dynamic pricing and online advertising. My previous educational background is an undergrad in Math from the Sharif University of Technology in Iran and masters in Math and Economics from Simon Fraser University in Canada.

Recent News

[Jan 27, 2022] Submitted our work on "Simulating Auctions via Online Learning".

[Jan 27, 2022] Upcoming talk at eScience Institute, University of Washington Data Science Seminar; talk info here.

​[Nov 15, 2021] Our paper on “Bayesian Meta-Prior Learning Using Empirical Bayes” is published in Management Science Journal, link here; Amazon Science link here; arXiv link here.

[Sep 7, 2021] Joined Amazon Advertising as a postdoc scholar in the early career scientist program launched in the spring of 2021; more info on the program here.